Monday, March 29, 2010

High in Preston

Rolled out of bed and onto the straight tracks, slick steel speeding me to chorley for my first day back after my anaphylactic reaction to brazil nuts. Everyone at social services central was very kind, even more helpful than my GP even, and i am to have a risk assessment. The professionalism of lancashire county council.
Being a fish out of water is almost like the famous evolutionary step, to grasp the vitamins of air after the thin gruel of water. Aeons down the drain, literally. And so my far off thoughts and fish like looking into space i can find a niche within life's glittering bowl of fruit to be myself. And gobble it up for a while yet, the fresh air! The weirder you are sometimes the more leeway you have - i am at my funniest when i embrace the voice of madness within. Speak with your own voice, and burn the boats of suffering. Or whatever!
So i strolled out of the box that is our office and after cheesing myself with two slices from the booths deli i pedalled my stretching legs over to the chippy to add some chips to my defrosted bread and 2 portions of cheddar. Delicieux!
Another block of almighty typing, mouse wiggling, clicking, and reminiscing about having a poo in a chair in accident and emergency (all the wires in my arms, it was hard to remember how to do it when i was so scared about wrenching my life giving pipes from them), and hey presto,5pm and i am like out of there! Knowwhatimean?!
Back to the Bud Pad for tea, a wander in the garden,is this boring? And then a drinks gathering at Isobell and Laura's house (after having a shower, a new thing for me, i actually practiced Vaudeville stage act in there! complete with songs and stand-up routine) where Was was playing a Japanese computer game called Salary Man suicide. My high kite of mood had fallen out of the wind and by now i am peaceful again.
Good night whoever you are and thank you for reading!