Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The author is on holiday

Ironically, I am on holiday. I have been lying low, so apologies if you havent been able to hear from me recently, i have been in the compost heap of rejuvenation. Tomorrow I hitchhike to berlin, fingers crossed... it is 740 kilometres, so wish me luck. I hope you are all well. Am missing home actually, the trip has gone full circle in that sense. I am also a little bored, so am trrying to reinvent the experience a little, but just mainly drifting along and things will find themselves again i feel. Ciao for now, tom.


  1. Loving reading about your travels. Love the episode with Franco and Luigi but found your exploits in Sarajevo a bit too illuminating. I will follow your further adventures with interest. All the best, Joan.

  2. Thankyou Joan, and I am sorry for that. I shall keep the poultry metaphors to the minimum! Have only just had chance to read this, as the comments have not been directed to my email account. I like your name, by the way, "The Librarian", you sound slightly sinister, so a good screen name I think!