Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ich bin eine....

...Berliner! The flat is lovely. It has wooden floors and tall ceilings, and a Mary Poppins rooftop with lots of chim-chimeney chimney stacks. I sat up there on the first evening with Xavier who was subletting the room to us, and Katya who is our flat mate, and had a beer in the growing dark.

Nathalie would arrive two nights later, my friend I met in Amsterdam while couchsurfing at her house. I have come to Berlin to embark on a few tentative creative ventures and enjoy a 2 months sojourn from employeedom.

Both Xavier and Katya have been very friendly. Katya took me to a local coffee house the first day, where the man who made us our drinks was also the improbable face of the cafe on their postcards. An effeminate man he is seen posing as Wolverine from the X-men with a cookie struck bizzarely on one of his claws.

Nathalie unfortunately had been legged up by wrongly imputting her details onto the flight booking, and what with her noit living in Switzerland had to make other arrangments. She came the next day, stay tuned to here more...

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