Sunday, July 26, 2009

Belgrade not mostar, and a writer takes stock

The last few days have been a bit boring, and also my writing is a bit too stream of conscious, so i promise two things, to prepare in advance (1500 words on my pad, so watch it!), and also to be more adventurous (i have just been frequenting cafes for 3 days, my bum is going soft and if i was to gambol away from a boulder I think i would trip, un-indiana jones style over my laces). Sadly, the latter has been slightly thwarted today by me striking couchsurfing gold and getting a bed for the night, an email and a phone call and a complete stranger is giving me a bed with precisely 5 hours notice. I say again, when you ask for help, you see how good people are! Also, as you may have also guessed, this is becoming an idea for a book, perhaps the wanderers guide to adventure, the daft buggers guide to being a drifter, or the way to travel while getting other people to pay for it (also known as the poor persons grand tour). I like the last one best. So be prepared, the next3 entries are coming hot off me fingers, but they are prepared.

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