Sunday, July 12, 2009


Over a beautifully bleak rushing river, I took some steps down into the town at a tram stop facing a line of nightspots, clubs and takeaway places, and the young of the town were debauching it like there was no tomorrow. Girls, beuatiful girls, chocolate lipped and nubile and men wearing shocklingly tight trousersand with wavy hair of flamboyant and exotic styling, strutted, crooned and kissed asmy sweated steps sauntered a track among them to an r-rolling taxi lady who told me the tram i was to take. Boarding, the tram's lighting pulsed, dimmer and brighter, as if some filament within it was toying with packing it in, or the whole device was too much for itself, a technology beyond its limits of oomph. This, and the concrete sprayed walls all around reminded me a lot of bladerunner, terrific! Somwehere New, and exciting. The conenction is about to brake so will sign off, my speed also why i keep making errros

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