Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Part 2 in Koblenz, and just as badly spelt!

And so i ran down the runway to the first gate. Huge! An enromous sixty foot massif reared itself into my pale sweaty face, my rucksack wagging on my back as jolted I blumming started to leg it! 1130 and am ina very badly lit monstrous fortress, the second biggest in europe, and there is noone here. Really, I didn´t see anyone as I ran to the next gate, this time leading into a fabulously gothic tunnel, my adidas earning their money as i turned my wild eyes into all the shadowed doorways leadin off it as i took the corner brilliantly. Next another large one, shutting out the moon, and another tunnel. This happened another time before i emerged into perhaps the weridest part, I emerged into the place of my eventual habitation to find a great flat plateau with some black buldings, a vista of Germany far below, and a solitary locked but lit up four storey bulding, alone at the edge like a jumper.
Well, the youth hostel it turned out was shut, and after trying to get the person in this building to help me and open up and tell me where I could go to get some sleep "Speak to the Police, he said, go away! Please, will you, just go away!", a car arrived on the plateau and told me just that. Matthaus and Lira, the couple who had told me how to come up here, arrived contrite to say sorry and to help out. No opther places were open that didn´t want less than 30 euros, so they took me into town and, at my behest, dropped me at an irish bar within easy reach of my putative ´bed´ at the train station. Luckily, Heicke, a lovely german lady, took me in along with her rescue cat and I had a spare mattress for the night and some very pleasant sleep.
Great, I was getting into this adventuring in foreign places thing now, and was even, dare I say it (am I allowed to say it?) doing the voices!

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