Monday, July 6, 2009

Fleischer der auto (this is how it sounded)

Okay, so a week has gone by and here it is, brussels, one night, bruges, one night, Amsterdam three nights, maastricht one night, and now i am here in koblenz, by accident,where the youth hostel in the castle is closed for one year and i have just been rescued from a very nice Irish bar where i was to spend most of the night before going to the railway station to sit or sleep by the lovely and vivacious Heiche, and am doing and impromptu couch surf with her and as i write this a glass of the hamburg beer Rotlight, named not surprisingly after its famous and imfamous red light district street.
Amsterdam was weird and wonderful and everything from a stoned cat, enormous naked women winking at me from shop windows like super animated mannequins, and the library on the harbour being filled by a holidaymaker playing some jazz on its open-to-play piano. My host, Nathelie, was super, a girl more french than roquefort on a baguette and when we awaited my bus after my three nights on her settee, she was singing Edith Piath and Jacque Brel to the whole smiling street.
Am damn tired so will leave it here, so thanks for reading and i hope when i am less tired i can up the quality and be more coherent too. Bye for now, tom.

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