Friday, July 10, 2009

Munchen, we have a problem!

When we finally set off, me myself and Rachel, the day had trickled by idly and croatia was no nearer. In the aforementioned Heidi-burg at a sedate 2pm, we prepared by purchasing a three man tent and also a sleeping bag, for me, and had ourselves a cigarrette (too many french films have been watched, it makes you look good!?). Our first lift took us to the Autobahn, in the petrol station one man wanted 20 euros each to take us to munich. A few minutes after our polite turning down of this obvious extortion, he timidly suggsted 5 euros each (or was it for both of us!).

"Pah!" I returned, "that is not good. We are planning not to pay, and pay we will not! It is the Principle." Obviously I didn´t say this, but when he drove off down the motorway and we realised that indeed it was only 5 euros for the pair of us, imbecile is a word I was using to describe this folly. At 250 km of distance, direct in a fancy BMW, we hopped around chuckling at the sillyness of our high brow ideas, pretending we would rather sleep in a layby than take a lift with such a vulture. But then another car, with Florian and Ben in, two business men, Ben doing his Phd in conjunction with the company, in a fast and capacious BMW...and they didn´t want payment either! Victory was ours!
Despite nearly breaking my bladder, then releaving myself in a layby like a happy cow somewhere near Munich, we arrived. The sleepy town was tinkling with fountains and chamber music, a band playing Vivaldi and Bach, and we sat, dranka cheap bottle of red wine and drank, abusing the night until it ws so late that all the hostels were closed, retiring to a park´s climbing frame to sit and chat under our sleeping bags and while the world away with the ancient words of youth - life, angst and wonderment. Rain came, and we went abroad, taking in a comic who sang and poked fun at evryone in the audience, his show a popular attraction on the main plaza. at last, tired and with Rachel´s experience of accomodation-scamming, we strolled into a cash machine chamber of a bank, using my card for access, took out our sleeping bags and went to sleep!
Next thing I heard was slighlt shocking.
"This is not good. I am the manager. You have two minutes to get out!"
Okay! It was 640am, and German´s being boring people, they wish to work, so up we got like the scallywags we were, or had transiently become at least, and out we jumped into the muggy morning to head to that treasure trove of cheap delights, McDonalds. Wunderba.

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