Sunday, July 19, 2009

The streets of the traveller are paved with Gold

And on friday night it was TV gold - yes, that's right dear reader, we appeared on TV! On a show hosted by Martina, our Split connection we made through couchsurfing (who swims like a shark, lots of splashes close to shore, and rather menacing, like in Jaws) we turned up to the studio, had a glass of water, got wired up, sound check and then we were on TV, a chat show debating the pros and cons of hithiking! In fact, I had no idea this had happenned, and asked on live TV whether or not the camera was rolling!
So it was Martina, kieran and I, plus a guy caLLED fABRICE WHO WE WERE HOSTING AT OUR APPARTMENT (i HAD SPOTTED HIM IN THE INTERNET CAFE, LOOKING A BIT LOST AND IN NEED OF A HOSTEL (sorry about the caps locks but I am not retyping that, cost etc.) we negotiated our way through 90 minutes of Q&A and phone-ins, some of them practically psychotically weird ("Martina, you look better from behind. THAT IS A COMPLIMENT!" was a particularly good one) but some good points were made about the ecological sense of hitchiking and its benefits in getting to know people in the country you are travelling in. There was a pervading caution regarding this pursuit, and at one point someone got a bit angry with us for not being Croatian, something we really couldn't do very much about, but on the whole it was interesting and quite relaxing, I was even tired of falling asleep. A fly landing on my nose was a good moment, prompting Fabrice and I to exchange funny looks and me to try. successfully, to stifle giggles. Martina was an excellent host, and very relaxed and humoured us where possible, wanderinf of camera and leaving us to chat amongst ourselves, again with the camera rolling. One caller said she loved our accents, and when we left we realised just how tired we had been, the show taking us into a dream world quite briefly, and we came back to realitx after and went home to sleep.
The next day I met Janja, another friend of the family, and at this point dog tired from the sleep deprivation of the travelling, felt quite emotional as she told me about my grandfather I had never known, how he was a man of such soul and was so very human, a man in charge of his own mind and an inspiration to her. She bought me a meal, took em around the galleries, many of the local of artists she knew and she talked knowledgeably, it was a lovely day and i repaired to Jagodas with an enormous potential energy for sleep, sleep diving until 1pm the next day (today) and as crappy as this last post is, you are up to date. One more night here, and I can't wait, I am off again, have stayed too long here, it is too touristy for me, there is a lot of unfriendliness in Croatia towards foreigners that is quite baleful and pointless and most of all I need to keep moving. Next stop Bosnia and the town of Mostar.

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